12 Convinces That Stand Personal Happiness and Business Success

12 Convinces That Stand Personal Happiness and Business Success

Everyone, no exceptions, sometimes suffer from irrational beliefs that keep you from your goals and cause unhealthy emotions. These are the 12 most common irrational beliefs. Make sure you recognize them and make them harmless immediately.

Your beliefs are irrational if they:

– Being illogical
– Do not strike with reality
– Prevent you from reaching your goals
– Leaving unhealthy emotions
– Leaving unproductive behavior

These are the 12 most common irrational beliefs.

By making them exaggerated explicitly, you see clearly how destructively these ideas are. These are pitfalls that must be avoided if you want to live happily and happily.

1. Everyone around me must love me and confirm me in everything I do. Without the approval of others I can not work, so I have to work hard all day to be loved by my environment.

2. I must be the best and the most ambitious to be worth it. I can only start something if I can do it very well. If I fail I’m worthless.

3. Some people are bad, mean and unreliable, and they should be severely punished for their badness. I prefer to be alone with perfect people. I’m as hard and ruthless to myself as to others.

4. It’s terrible and catastrophic if things do not go as I would like them to see. If I get very busy and get very stressed, I can let everything go well.

5. Unfortunately, due to external factors, there is little or nothing I can do about it. I do not control my emotions now, and I’m unfortunate when others are unfair or mean.

6. I have to worry about things that are dangerous or scary, and I have to keep in mind that they happen. My life is in the mark of fear and danger. I’m a freaking bird, I often get accidents and annoying things.

7. Certain difficulties and responsibilities in life can better avoid me than confronting. It feels like a relief if I have avoided a decision or annoying job, so I spend a lot of time developing strategies and apologies to avoid doing those things. I prefer not to be too intense.

8. I depend on others and need stronger people to build. It does not make sense to solve things myself, I prefer to count on others. The more dependent I am, the more I feel I can not do it myself.

9. My past determines my current behavior. Things that have greatly influenced my life will always keep the same effect. It is because of my youth that I have problems now and that will always stay that way.

10. It’s important that I put on someone else’s problems. Even though I can not change the behavior and beliefs of others, I have to get angry and unhappy.

11. There is always one good, perfect solution to problems and it’s a disaster if I do not find that solution. I always let the good be the enemy of the best. With imperfect solutions I do not enjoy it.

12. I rank people, including myself, to the value of their actions. I put people, including myself, on a scale and calculate if they are worth it. And I will write them off.

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