5 business events in december to grow

business events

If you want to grow as an entrepreneur, you will have to invest in yourself and your company. That’s why we give tips every month of workshops, trainings and meetings from our own growth agenda . This month the weather is 5 events that we notice or which we think are interesting to follow. Build your own website in WordPress, through a good online strategy to make good deals.

1. Find your success

Last month was the first edition of this workshop. This month on March 9, business coach Sylvia Heistek will just be one more.

During the first edition, participants received insight into their own behavior, where this came from and how this affected their current behavior as an entrepreneur. Thanks to the frightening of theory and deeper exercises, the participants became aware of this and realized what their retardation or advancement would be as an entrepreneur.

Why not miss?  Free the chance to understand the outcome of your own behavior and how you influence it.

2. A successful online strategy

Let’s say that you are targeting online, that you do not have much time and you do not have to spend money. Then online is not a burden, but a lust. March 27th, you will find the base thanks to the handy Online Business Canvas of Jasper Runneboom. You will determine a strategy that will fit your goal, your knowledge and your resources in a morning. A strategy that will help you in the next 12 months!

3 . Webinar: The income tax explained

Have you had him too? The blue envelope of the Tax Office, including the announcement that it is time for the income tax return. If so, then this is a webinar to follow. Realtime Machie explains everything about income tax. This way you know exactly how it works and what you need to watch.

Why not miss? Free information on how your income tax works + tips to pay less tax

4. Workshop Closing the Deal

One of the biggest challenges facing many entrepreneurs and zzpers is to sell themselves. Certainly if you are active in the service, this is often a problem. Like most entrepreneurs ‘sales’ do you find something difficult or scary? That you do not know how to effectively sell your services or products? Or how to handle the deal? Then learn from Arnon how to get it!

Why not miss? Learn from a global successful entrepreneur how he is doing business successfully

5. Build your website in WordPress

Know your WordPress, do you want to build a website but you do not know how to do it? Manuela van Prooijen has been the very successful WordPress course for beginners for years. In this course you will learn and build your own website in 3 days. Highly recommend if you want cheap super good website that

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