5 concrete tips for more happiness and success

5 concrete tips for more happiness and success

If you want more luck and success in 2012 than in 2012, both personal and business, then you will have to work on your negotiation skills. Actually we are without knowing all day negotiating with our boss, our customers, our colleagues, our children, our partner and so on.

Negotiate ‘fact of life’

Good negotiation is perhaps one of the most important skills you need to get maximum happiness and success from your life. Harvard examined what you should not do at all. It is therefore important to prevent the following 5 most common mistakes during negotiations:

Negotiation error # 1: Underestimate your own power / authority, skills and strengths.

Negotiation error # 2 : assume you know what the other party wants.

Negotiation error # 3: Overestimate the other party’s knowledge about your own weaknesses.

Negotiation error # 4: Intimidated by the prestige, position, title or training of the other party.

Negotiation error # 5: Excessively influenced by your own traditions, habits, statistics, forecasts, or taboos.

Avoiding the above 5 negotiation errors gives immediate results in terms of more personal happiness and more business success.

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