6 Content Marketing Blogs You Should Subscribe To Now

6 Content Marketing Blogs You Should Subscribe To Now

Content marketing is one of the most essential and beneficial part of the overall digital marketing.In fact, the entire sphere of digital marketing is based upon the content and the tactics used for marketing and promoting the same. A lot of content marketers find it a bit difficult to understand the ever changing trends of content marketing and therefore, find it more reliable to depend upon certain blogs for the same. Here are few content marketing blogs that you should follow in order to learn more and better about content marketing and strategies.

  1. B2B marketing insider

The blogs on content marketing here will help you learn and inculcate the skills that are required to maximize the returns as well as the profit. This is highly beneficial when it comes to direct business to business marketing and hence, the name. You can rely on the blog posts and information in these blog posts for staying updated and enhancing your knowledge.

  1. The content Strategist

As the name suggests, this one blog is especially curated for those who strategize the content for different websites and areas. These blog posts offer the strategists with a top level of guidance and insights that are required for understanding avery rule related to content strategy and content marketing. Following this blog will surely help you and the same will be highly visible in the work that you do.

  1. Kapost

Kapost is yet another blog directed towards the content strategy and is ideal for people having the mind of an analyst. This blog consist of posts that are full of analytical data including case studies and researches. You should surely get glued to this blog if you are willing to understand facts and concepts.


The content on scripted is such that it addresses multiple industries at a single time. It mainly focuses at enhancing the overall writing pattern and content quality, all throughout the content marketing. The blog harbours some of the most nicely written blogs about content and a major goodread from the same is “the dark side of content marketing”.

  1. The marketing scope

The marketing scope is the blog that focuses more towards the marketing and less towards the writing part of content marketing. They publish some of the best blogs about digital marketing and content marketing inc specific. Every content marketer or a potential content marketer must subscribe to the marketing scope.

  1. Neil Patel

Neil patel is renowned name in the industry of digital marketing. Almost every blog post in the blog section of his website is of immense use to the content marketers. A majority of content marketers would already be following the blog and if you haven’t subscribed yet, then you should do the same right now!

Content marketing is a skill that needs constant updation and learning. Here are some of the blogs that you should follow in order to learn and stay updated with the changing and evolving trends of content marketing.

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