All you need to know about Pawnbrokers Melbourne

Pawnbrokers Melbourne

Are you looking for some quick cash in Melbourne?
If you have some valuable items such as gold jewellery that you don’t necessarily want to sell, you can consider heading to Gold Dealer and get Gold Loan at an affordable interest rate. Melbourne Gold Company leading pawnbrokers Melbourne is a Licensed and regulated broker that offers on-the-spot cash loans against gold items at affordable low interest rates. Gold loans are fully secured by your gold valuable items and are offered without digging into your credit history.

Bad and No credit?

Unlike banks that check your credit history before giving you loans, gold loans are available without checking your credit history. In fact your credit history is not relevant at all. Gold loans are sure, quick and confidential way of accessing cash during emergencies. Melbourne Gold Company offers quick gold loan at a very low interest rate and are very accessible. Also, the gold loans do not impact your credit score if you fail to repay the loan. However, your gold items will be disposed of in the event of default.

How to Get a Gold Loan from Pawnbrokers Melbourne:

Applying for Gold loan is quick and easy. You first need to bring your gold items to our gold buying suite. As Melbourne Gold Company are leading Pawnbrokers Melbourne we are able to offers gold loan at a lower interest as compared to any other pawnbroker in Melbourne and serves as an alternative to traditional banks. Your gold items will then be tested with XRF technology, sorted into carats and weighed in front of you. You will be offered a loan based on the weight of your gold and the current market spot price. If you agree to the amount and interest rate all that is required is government ID.

Final Verdict:

Melbourne Gold Company’s quick cash gold loans works extremely well for its customers. They are offered at low interest and available in both low and large amounts, which makes it easy to repay back within the least time possible. As soon as the customers pay back their loans, they get back their valuable items. The loans offered by Melbourne Gold Company are thirty day terms. However, at the end of the loan term you may roll the loan over again simply by paying the interest. You can continue doing this indefinitely until you are ready to pay back the loan.
In the event you don’t pay the interest forfeit the gold loan, the gold jewellery items that was used for collateral will be melted and sold. However, late payments or defaults do not affect your credit score. 

About Us
Melbourne Gold Company is a popular gold jewellery dealer that offers gold loans at a far lower interest rate as compared to traditional pawn shops in Melbourne The company serves multiple satisfied customers a day. Melbourne Gold Company also buys scrap gold at leading rates and sells gold bullion bars

Pawn broking is a regulated industry governed by states law. More information on pawn broking and your rights can be found here.

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