Buy your first car

Buy your first car

Buy first car

Are you eager to buy your first car? Even if you do not have a driver’s license, that new car can be at your fingertips. Buying your first car requires some important choices. For example, do you like new or used? Will it be three or five doors? And what is the budget? provides some useful tips.

1. The driving license

Do not you have any papers to go the way? Do not panic, you only need a few months to get your driving license. If you already dream about your future car, please consider the costs involved. Of course, there are the costs of driving school. You must deposit approximately € 1,100 for your enrollment, driving school insurance, practical driving lessons and exams. To save money, you can choose a guided driving because you only have to pay the theoretical and practical examinations.

2. The model

You are going to buy a first car, but rush and speed are rarely good. So ask yourself the question exactly where you’re going to use the car. This helps to refine your list of potential cars. Will it be a city car, compact car, break, minivan, SUV or convertible? Also the number of doors is important. A five-door car is usually more convenient, but also more expensive. As far as the fuel is concerned, you need to know that diesel becomes more interesting as you drive more kilometers a year. Nowadays, it’s only beneficial if you drive more than 30,000 km a year. Also try to go for a sturdy car, but it’s also economical to save fuel costs.

3. New or used

If you buy a car, the budget is a determining factor for the model and age of the car. In addition, you have the choice of two options: new or second-hand? In the first case, you can fully configure the car to your taste and desires, for example, engine, color and other options. On the other hand, delivery times are getting longer and new cars are becoming more expensive. Hence, a second hand car is an interesting choice, where 90% of the young drivers also choose. In this case, you can not completely compose the car and its options, but for a first car, that is not so important.

4. The financing

Buying your first car can be done in several ways. On average, starters charge about € 2,000 for a second hand car. If you are going for a brand new model, you should consider a much larger budget. Chances are your custody will not count enough cents, especially if you also take an omnium insurance to protect your valuable purchase. You can buy your first car by using a car loan, for example from ING (one of the most competitive interest rates). Calculate in advance how much you have to pay monthly so you can plan the redemption.

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