Important Factors To Consider When Taking On A Mortgage

Important Factors To Consider When Taking On A Mortgage

Almost every person has a dream house in mind and when thinking of buying a house it is often the ideal house that you are imagining you will own soon. However, money plays a vital role in determining whether your dream house will one day be real, or it will

Why Do You Need A Currency Calculator and How to Use It?

currency calculator

A currency calculator is an application through which you can find out how money in one currency converts into another. For example, you might want to find out the current rate of Pounds Sterling for one Dollar. The convertor will ask you to input the Dollar value, and with a

Did You Know These Points About Equity Mutual Funds?

best mutual funds in India

Some of the best mutual funds in India comprise of equity MFs. The attractive returns are what makes it a must-have investment for many. Investors who have the temperament for riding the market volatility can look at Equity mutual funds as a good investment option. People who have locked their savings

Best Tradable Policy from FidentiaX

Best Tradable Policy from FidentiaX

FidentiaX is world no one online marketplace for trading policy. Blockchain technology will help in the recording of the transaction without any kind of fraud and with the high security. They have developed the platform where the seller can list their policy and sell the policy to interested buyers. The

What you need in Business Acquisition Loan

Business Acquisition Loan

Are you a businessman with lack of capital and you are looking for a lending company who offered Business Acquisition Loan? Or are you looking to finance your business acquisition. Lots of company will able to help you. You can search online or even ask someone who already undergo this kind

Brief of Banking and Its Affordability

Brief of Banking and Its Affordability

Bankers need to gain a lot of reputation to stay in the game for longer. Getting people’s trust and attention is much more required. Once customers are acquired, extra care should be taken in getting new customers and retaining old customers. Banking domain is one of the riskiest and complex

Peer to peer lending is an excellent method of financing

Peer to Peer Lending Platform in India

There are lots of methods to obtain finance and one method that is highly popular in the present times is peer to peer lending. It can actually be called as the method of debt financing. In this kind of financing arrangement individuals can lend and borrow money from each other

How to Use Mezzanine Debt to Invest in Commercial Property

to Use Mezzanine Debt to Invest in Commercial Property

Mezzanine debt and loans are fast becoming the way to invest in commercial property for investors in Australia. That’s for good reason, too. Mezzanine financing is formulated in a way to mitigate the risk of investment in commercial property by using a mixture of debt and owners’ equity. Where can Mezzanine

It’s not just the Young Who Pay for Poor Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

While it’s often thought to be the young who make the worst financial decisions, research has shown that often the financial literacy of adults is not much better. In fact, a recent OECD study on the grasp of money issues around the world has found that it’s not just parents

Good Debt and Bad Debt – What’s The Difference?

Good Debt and Bad Debt - What's The Difference?

Understanding the different types of debt can help you make the right decisions.  Debt is an essential part of life. Without access to debt there are many experiences and assets that many of us wouldn’t be able to have, from higher education through to buying a family home. However, not all