CIGNA: The BEST Medical Insurance Provider in Hong Kong


   Our health is our wealth. This is what we always hear. But how can we make sure that our health is secured? One thing that we can do is to have a medical insurance. We cannot predict the future. This is why many people are looking for the best medical insurance provider.

  CIGNA is one of the best global health services that help people improve their health, and also their well-being, and even their total sense of security that they have someone to lean on in times of trouble when their health is not at its best. This is the reason why this company is considered as Cigna best medical insurance Hong Kong.

Cigna Hong Kong – What You Need to Know

 Cigna can offer you solutions that would be perfect for the different stages of your life’s journey. They want to be your partner in health and well-being. Cigna Hong Kong is committed to providing the best health solutions to different groups of people like employers, the employees, and even individual customers.

  As a Cigna customer, you will be able to choose your plan from their wide range of medical products that you would personally need. You can also take advantage of their specialized as well as well-being solutions with the help of their world-class customer service as well as their healthcare facilities that can be located worldwide. What Cigna wants is for you to live well and stay well.

CIGNA 108% Health Spectra

            This is how CIGNA can help once you are done with your six years of premium payments, the plan will give you 10 years worth of protection that will cover hospital expenses, surgical expenses, as well as cancer benefits for the first confirmed cancer diagnosis. Once your 10th year is up, CIGNA will give you a refund of the total 108% of the premium that you have paid.

The CIGNA 108% Health Spectra Benefits

  • Best Medical Protection. The plan will cover you not only for the hospitalization expenses but also other expenses like the in-patient as well as the outpatient surgical expenses. The post-surgical expenses will also be included. There will be a lump sum for the carcinoma-in-situ benefits.
  • Extra Cash Value. Once the tenth year is up and your policy matures, you will receive a 100% of your paid premium with an extra 8% on the total amount of the premium paid. This extra cash value is still applicable even if you have already made claims for the surgical, hospitalization, as well as the post-surgical expenses. And even if you have made claims for the carcinoma-in-situ.
  • Lump-Sum Cancer Benefits. Once you have been confirmed of the first cancer diagnosis, there will be an extra lump-sum offer which will be up to HKD 300,000. This will be on top of the 100% premium refund which can give you an extra support during these difficult times.
  • Guaranteed Premium. Unlike other insurance companies that their policies change often, with CIGNA, you’re guaranteed of a fixed premium within the six years term. This will help you manage a much predictable financial plan.

For your health insurance, only CIGNA knows what need, during and after you are paying your premiums. Nobody else can offer you this much financial health support. Make sure that you make a wise choice when choosing a health insurance provider. You will not only be protecting yourself but also your family and loved ones.

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