Ensuring Efficient and 100% Reliable Factory Inspection Service

Ensuring Efficient and 100% Reliable Factory Inspection Service

A business will grow if it provides timely supplies to the customers and ensures consistent quality of its products. Every manufacturer should ensure prompt delivery as well as quality of materials that are supplied to his factory. Efficient supply chain management is essential to adhere to delivery schedules and to ensure quality of the end products. In order to avoid delay in production the buyer should confirm sufficiently in advance that the production at the supplier’s end is started as per schedule, the machinery and other facilities in his factory are in good condition and that the supplier is well aware of the specifications provided by the buyer and is capable of meeting all those specifications. An evaluation of the manufacturing unit as well as manufacturing process of the supplier will enable the buyer to avoid delays and quality risks. If any problem is detected during the evaluation process the buyer can take remedial measures sufficiently in advance so that it will not affect his production as well as delivery.

The evaluation process in the supplier’s factory

By way of conducting the pre-production evaluation of the supplier’s factory the buyer can ensure that the production in his factory will commence as per schedule and that the raw materials or other items that are supplied to his factory will meet all the quality requirements. The company in China that undertakes the evaluation of the supplier’s manufacturing unit as well as process will send their professionals to the vendors unit for physical inspection of the unit, raw materials, machinery and the various facilities. As part of the evaluation process they will also review the preparations and production programs that are going on in the supplier’s factory. They also check the quality assurance system of the vendor’s unit. The evaluation company will also assess the production capacity, workforce, various aspects of production management and also the credentials of the supplier. Though the manufacturing unit evaluation company is based in China, they will evaluate the manufacturing facilities of suppliers who are in other parts of Asia also. The company will complete the auditing process within two days and will prepare the report and submit the same to their client company within one day. From the report which is prepared after conducting an independent assessment of the supplier, the buyer can get a clear picture of the supplier’s capacity and his ability to meet the requirements of the buyer in terms of quality and timely delivery.

Advantages of factory audit

The Inspection Company in China conducts on-site audit of each supplier keeping in mind the requirements of the particular buyer. Hence the audit report prepared by them about each supplier will be different from other reports. The report enables the buyer to know the level of reliability of the vendor. The great advantages of the pre-production audit of the supplier’s factory are that it helps to avoid delays and risks during the manufacturing process, helps to save considerable amount of time and resources and enables the buyer to select the best supplier to meet the requirements. The company that conducts the factory inspection will make it a point to evaluate each stage of production in the supplier’s unit so that if there is any quality problem they can immediately detect the same and ensure that the same is rectified by the supplier. The factory auditing company has the experience and expertise in conducting inspection in factories that are in different fields such as textiles, chemicals, electrical, electronics, mechanical, etc., in China as well as other Asian countries.

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