Insurance for the 2nd driver

Insurance for the 2nd driver

Insurance-for-the-2nd driver

All motor vehicle owners in the Netherlands are at least obliged to complete a WA insurance for the vehicle. This is once decided to protect traffic victims. However, it is also possible to secure your car for more damage through a full or limited casco. This insurance must be completed by the vehicle registration plate holder. So this means that the legitimate owner must ensure the bolide.

Whatever car insurance you end, you insure the car. This means that any driver who may use the car from the owner is insured under the same conditions as the rightful owner is enjoying. So if the neighbor were to use the car as a second driver on Sunday afternoon to bring waste to the dock because you happen to have a bigger car, he is still insured. Of course, the car is not insured for a thief who uses your car without permission.

However, clauses are included if there is a second driver who uses the car regularly or more than the car owner. If this is the case, it is important to pass this to the insurer. This makes an insurer important as the premium is partly determined by the age of the driver. So if you have a car that only uses your child, this can lead to a higher premium. If this is the case and an insurer is found here, an insurer can refuse to compensate for the damage and, in a serious case, even the insured from the insurance, also called a generous term. For children who are still a driving driver and driving frequently in the car, an insurance company will even want to close the insurance on behalf of the child.

However, here are some exceptions. First of all, partners who live together should simply use the car unlimited without giving up to the insurer. This is because insurance companies assume that partners use each other’s cars regularly. Therefore, it is not necessary to enter a second driver. Secondly, it is already referred to as incidental driving of the car by another driver. If you are letting the car out to someone, but this does not happen with a lot of time, the insurer does not need to indicate this to the insurer.

It is therefore very important to conclude a car insurance to read the conditions for a second driver as it would be extremely regrettable if damage is not compensated due to insufficient information about the four-wheeler’s users.

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