Know about various trailers to transport your concert equipment and accessories

Know about various trailers to transport your concert equipment and accessories

Lots of entertainment lovers like to watch the live performance of the reputed artists or the local artists. It may be the performance of only one musician or a team of artists. However, these artists face the challenge while they try to get prepared for a concert tour in different cities. To retain the reputation, they have to reach the destination within the scheduled time. Although they can arrive at the site on time, it is much tough to transport the musical instrument, lighting systems and other tools. Thus, the concert organizers and the modern artists like to look for various trucks to transport their concert equipment easily.

You can find lots of concert tour trucking companies that are ready to assist you in choosing the best trailers.


It is one of the popular trailers, highly useful for their versatility. This type of trailers can load your concert equipment on rear portion, on sides and on the tip. Thus, with all these potentials, flatbeds have turned out to be the best assets to the trucking companies. While your freight weight is within 48,000 pounds, you may choose this trailer.

Stepdeck or drop deck trailer

It is one of the flatbed versions, comprising the top and bottom deck. The design of the trailers makes it easy to carry the freights, which may not be moved with any standard flatbed. The length of this trainer can range from 48 feet to 53 feet. The height of your load must be restricted to 10 feet to avoid legal issues.

Side Kit

It is another category of trailer, where you can find a fiberglass or plywood panel. While you think that your concert equipment cannot be crated or packaged, you can choose this trailer. Its capability to carry load is 45,000 lbs, and its length varies from 48 to 53 feet.

Conestoga trailer

The rolling tarp, integrated with this trailer, makes it easy for you to protect your assets from the natural elements and potential damage. You can uncover or cover this trailer without much effort.

Thus, choose any of the above trailers for road shows, concert tour and other similar purposes. You can load your heavy equipment, wires and other items safely. The professionals will help you in this transportation process. You can find a Landstar trucking agent, and get their solutions for transportation.

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