Know the Best Aspects of Xamarin Certification

Know the Best Aspects of Xamarin Certification

The mobile applications are the new trend in the businesses. There is no organization which is going without mobile application. As the number of mobile apps is increasing, with the same rate the demand of mobile applications developer is also increasing. As per the demand, the more and more people want to go for the mobile app development.

There are many certification courses for the new mobile app developers, but the dilemma is to choose the right framework before going for the certification. Most recommended to opt for are either Xamarin certification or for Ionic framework course.

In this article, we will be discussing the comparison of both of the above-mentioned frameworks, which will help you selecting the certification course of your preference.

Cost of Development

  1. In case of Xamarin, you have to pay $1000/ day/year. Having only .NET developers is completely fine with Xamarin.
  2. There is no such cost to use iconic. But, you will need developers who are good to work with multiple languages.

Fast Development

  1. Xamarin takes time. You have to be patient enough to test and debug the codes in Xamarin.
  2. On the other hand, Ionic framework course is fast because of the ripple emulator. It is so much fast, that it can get your app ready within a week.

User Experience

  1. Xamarin can give the fast and the best experience to your users. It can definitely help you in leading the competition.
  2. Iconic is into average kind of user experience.

Complex Projects

  1. Xamarin is a very good option for the long-term projects.
  2. If your project is complex and has so many lines of codes, Iconic is not the right choice for you.


  1. Even if your app has many features, Xamarin can maintain them quite easily.
  2. Large codes are really difficult to maintain with Iconic.

Microsoft Advantage

  1. Xamarin is completely C# based and hence is a great choice for .NET developers and hence has Microsoft advantage.
  2. As Iconic is mainly based on JavaScript, so it does not have Microsoft advantage.

Architectural Pattern

  1. Because Xamarin is Microsoft biased, it supports MVVM pattern only.
  2. Iconic supports MVVM, MVC and MVP as well, because it is flexible.

Ramp up Time

  1. Since Xamarin has less memory issues and also do not have complex language mixtures, it is better in ramp-up time.
  2. Because of many memory management issues, it usually has high ramp-up time.

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