The first steps to business automation. What to begin with?

The first steps to business automation. What to begin with?

If you plan to transfer the business to modern systems, but aren’t sure yet what to begin with, then everything that you should make is to answer the questions step by step stated below. You can a good help if you visit site.

Step 1. Business processes

First of all, it is necessary to understand what the system of automation will work with. For a start it is necessary to answer the following questions:

What operations are performed by the staff of the company?
What are the most often problems in these actions?

For example we will consider the most widespread actions in the companies:
The operator accepts the request, enters it in the list of orders;
The manager receives the new order, coordinates it and makes out the invoice for payment;
The accountant accepts payment and sends the order to production;
Production obtains data to the order and carries it out;
The manager hands over the order to the client.

Any process leads to difficulties, and, of course, it is difficult to management to trace everything from beginning to end. And much of this routine could be charged to the system of automation. For example, from it is possible to notice that any process isn’t made without work with data. Means, first of all, the attention needs to be paid to creation of the uniform database.


First of all, it is necessary to automate the problem sites detaining work of all organization.

For each process it is necessary to define employees, responsible for it, and controlling. The problem can be solved quicker if precisely the nobility who answers for good reason at each stage.

It is better to build business processes so that all data and terms from the beginning of the project and before its end were transferred between participants automatically.

Data os valuable property of any enterprise which it is necessary to handle correctly. That is money, of course, can be stored in cases, but haven’t for nothing invented safes. And the data collected in one base and reliably protected will allow to work much more effectively and not to think every time of where have saved this or that information.

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