Why your dream house needs a good architect

Why your dream house needs a good architect

Appointing a good architect for your dream house project can save costs and time, and also get you timely funding for the house.

It is the dream of many a person to buy a plot of land and build a house for it. But it can be a difficult process if you try to do it all by yourself. You can save yourself half the stress of the job by appointing an experienced architect.

Having an architect on the job can also help you because –

* The house plans are drawn meticulously.

An experienced architect can take exact measurements of the plot and discuss your needs with you before drawing up floor plans and elevations. The drawings are made to scale, which means there not be any issues with incorrect measurements when construction work begins. Most architects also have good knowledge of structural engineering, so they can also draw up the correct plans for electrical, plumbing, RCC framework of the house, etc.

* The architect’s estimates can help you secure a loan.

If you are planning to build a house on plot of land that you are about to buy, then the architect becomes an important entity when it comes to applying for a loan for land purchase and construction. The architect’s plans, elevations, cost estimates and project timelines are all evaluated by the housing finance company while considering the request for a land purchase and construction loan. Some housing finance companies prefer to discuss the project in detail with the architect/project engineers to understand the loan requirement in a phases. This type of loan is never disbursed all at once, but in phases.

* The architect can liaise with the municipal authority for approvals and permissions.

If the plot of land you are buying is located close to a public access road, or service utilities or any public installation, you will need approvals from the local civic authorities to buy the land as is. You should also study the plot’s title to ensure a freehold on the land. Besides, the architect can liaise with the civic authorities on the plinth, foundation and floor plans – the project requires an NOC, CC (Commencement Certificate) and temporary permission to create a water and power supply for the work.

* Local labour and material can be sourced efficiently.

If the architect is based locally, they can procure building material and labour quite easily. This also reduces costs and time.

* The work can take place as per timelines.

Timely completion of the project is important so that you save money and the phase-wise loan for land purchase and construction is disbursed regularly.

Do check the interest rates for home loans before you begin the project. Shopping for the best home loan interest rates can get you an affordable product.

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